A New Wave Of Franchising

It is important to have a car repair company that you can trust. Getting the services of an attorney at the beginning of the planning phase is a smart move. Lawyers can help you with documents, rules and regulations. Have a lawyer beside you when signing contracts. You could spend more money later on if you get involved in a legal dispute. An attorney can prevent legal problems if he is there from the beginning of your restaurant business.

The restaurant industry in India is mainly driven by the youth aged between 15-44 years. With a population of 1.2 billion and the largest number of youth on the planet, opportunities for the quick service restaurant industry is huge in India and it’s this potential that foreign fast food chains have taken advantage of.

It is always advisable to exercise some supervision and control over a franchisee. The first step towards this is to incorporate the right clauses in your franchise agreement at the onset. The franchisor should insist on some form of reporting requirements and a right to inspect accounts. There should also be some provisions to safeguard the franchise concept and sometimes the franchisor’s business methods. Generally, the franchisor should be looking to protect, by way of contractual clauses in the agreement, what may not be protectable under intellectual property laws.

In Texas, restaurants that want to offer dine-in service are still being asked to operate with a guest capacity that’s 50 percent of their standard capacity. Takeout and delivery are also available at many restaurants, but money earned from those services typically pales in comparison to what is made in the main dining room.

As is often the case, once we make something a priority, we can normally make it happen. I knew only one way to work at running a restaurant, and that was taking me long hours. Therefore, I hired a Time Management consultant who was currently working with Hewlett Packard middle and upper management personnel.

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