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Despite the economy, the restaurant business seems to be fairing well, thank you very much. As a point of comparison, Subway franchisees work with the company to find a location. Subway negotiates the terms and signs a master lease, with the franchisee signing a sub-lease and paying directly to the landlord each month. Franchisees can also build out their own restaurants in certain cases.

Fast Casual- In between fast food and a full service restaurant, these can include caf├ęs and takeout restaurants. Customers usually order over a counter with a larger menu compared to a fast food restaurant, and meals come in disposable containers with limited table service.

For Sieve, the advantages of franchising (and of running multiple units, at that) outweighed the negatives. He started out in the business running just one restaurant, which led to a career operating multiple units and eventually to a role overseeing franchise development for Arby’s.

Some of the popular niche restaurants in India include Oh! Calcutta, which started out as Only Fish, and served authentic Bengali fare; Pind Baluchi offering dishes from the Baluchistan region spanning across Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan; Gajalee chain of restaurants serving Malvani-style seafood; and Zambar serving Chettinad, Kuttanad, Malabar, Coorgi, Mangalorean, and Madras curries and vegetables.

Unfortunately, the outlook currently is for COVID-19 to continually resurface until a vaccine is developed, and public health agencies will have to act to minimize its spread. Anthony Fauci, MD, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within the National Institutes of Health, and other public health authorities have said getting beyond the current outbreak is not the end. The threat of resurgence will need to be something communities must prepare for. Such preparations may include social distancing and restrictions on how restaurants and other businesses may operate.

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