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Business franchising has a long history of successful business companies expanding their businesses through franchises. During a call with reporters on Monday, Cuomo acknowledged that with New Jersey restarting indoor dining, there would be more pressure for the state to bring it back to the city. He said that NYC restaurants were now at a “competitive disadvantage” because diners could cross the bridge or tunnel and eat in New Jersey.

Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef and owner of New York fine dining beacon Prune, noted that these rising costs have been hard on the bottom lines of even the most successful restaurants, like hers. I’ve joked for years that I’m in the nonprofit sector, but that’s been more direly true for several years now,” she wrote in the New York Times last month, referring to how her revenue has flat-lined as her expenses exploded.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each form of expansion and there are many examples of success. For example, multi-unit restaurant brands like Chipotle , Starbucks , and In-N-Out Burger are company owned and controlled and are not franchises, restaurant brands like McDonalds , Dunkin Donuts , and Jersey Mikes are franchised outlets and examples of franchise success.

Because your employees have the most contact with the customer, it is important to have a clear set of expectations for customer satisfaction, and make sure every employee is aware of it. A rewards program or bonus program can help to boost employee enthusiasm. Consider throwing a staff party if a month passes without any customer complaints. Likewise, if a customer compliments one of your employees for providing an exceptional experience, see that they receive some sort of bonus or recognition.

To keep up with new demands, upgrading their restaurant management platform was a top priority. They chose Upserve , a cloud-based restaurant management platform that boasts point-of-sale, inventory, online ordering, loyalty programs, a mobile app, and payment processing.

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