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Being a business owner can definitely be a gamble. In the modern era, the Hospitality industry is a truth that demands for extremely challenging phase and getting into a stability mode. This industry is the perfect place which teaches the graduates to work with a smile and this is relatively controlled and guarded, a sign of maturing and learning Hospitality, which is cyclic in nature. The Hospitality industry definitely reflects a bright future. In the earlier days, hospitality was synonymous with only the hotel industry, but today this industry holds its important place with tourism as well.

Consumers are looking for dining and drinking experiences that fit into their lifestyle. They have high expectations when it comes to convenience combined with sustainability and food quality. And with so much competition, restaurants and bars need to give these consumers what they want – otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere.

Just like any business, you need to understand the process before you jump in with both feet. If you have prior restaurant experience and you are looking for a proven product and business model you are already headed in the right direction. First off, you need to contact Chipotle headquarter and request a UFOC or ‘Uniform Franchise Offering Circular’. The UFOC contains all the information you will need to review the fees, royalties, and terms for becoming a Chipotle franchise owner. If you are still serious after reviewing the UFOC, you should be prepared to share intimate details about your business experience, net worth, and other factual information. This agreement is a partnership and like any partnership Chipotle will want to understand your level of commitment before you come on board.

Since our franchisees bought A&W, we have poured all our energy into re-growing the brand that started in 1919. And since no one understands franchisees better than other franchisees, A&W is fully committed to creating long-term recurring cash flow and potential multi-generational wealth for our franchisees. We do that by focusing on growing profitable sales at the store level, and not just on collecting royalty fees.

In Kazakhstan franchise turnover for 2013 is 2.5 billion US$ dollars per year. Kazakhstan is the leader in Central Asia in the franchising market. A special law on franchising came into effect in 2002. There are more than 300 franchise systems and the number of franchised outlets approaches 2000. 42 Kazakhstan franchising began with the emergence of a “Coca-Cola” factory, opened to sublicense a Turkish licensor of the same brand. The plant was built in 1994. Other brands that are also present in Kazakhstan through the franchise system include Pepsi, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, and Pizza Hut.

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