There are many restaurant franchises located throughout the country and even the world. The support and training on offer helped me go from Police Inspector to Franchisee and now I serve the community in a different but no less rewarding way. With the help and support of a global brand, I can really make an impact locally. That’s the best thing about being a Franchisee.

The Bali and Bangkok locations for Jamie Oliver Kitchen are just two of the planned 19 sites in development, scheduled to open before the end of 2020. Both will be operated in partnership with franchisee, HPL, and will serve a menu partially inspired by local cuisine, and partially influenced by Oliver’s international experience as a renowned chef.

One of the reasons given by business owners for deciding to enter into restaurant franchising is a lack of ready capital. When it comes to expansion, the main obstacle is always a shortage of investment funds and restaurant franchising provides an obvious advantage in this respect. As the franchisee provides the initial investment, growth occurs at a greatly reduced cost. For franchisors, investment in growth tends to be restricted to the development of franchising documentation and recruitment costs. Thus a considerable reduction in start-up costs is afforded in comparison with the typical sums involved in opening a non-franchised restaurant. Moreover, it is the franchisees who sign the leases and commit to the various service contracts. Therefore, restaurant franchising enables growth at a greatly reduced risk, with practically no contingent liability.

MAP, for instance, the franchisee of Starbucks, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Krispy Creme, and various other brands, is predicted to record an increase in EBIT margin by 7% in 2017, up from that of the previous year of 6.1%. Mandiri Sekuritas research team estimated that the company’s net profit in the first half of 2017 grew by 200% versus the same period of the previous year. This accounts for 41% of the company’s annual growth target in 2017.

You have to remember a Burger King franchise is very popular and the profits can be very high but in order for the corporation to be profitable they need to charge the franchise buyers a very large amount. Unfortunately if you do not have a very high net worth you will probably not be eligible to own a Burger King restaurant. The reason why it is priced so high is because the branding is mostly done by the corporation so you get basically instant recognition once you set up the restaurant. The financial barrier is the biggest one because everything after that can easily be learned over time.

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