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Restaurant business is very lucrative. DQ ranks #21 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list and is considered one of the higher-profit fast-food franchises. For owner-operated franchisee locations, the average annual profit is $194,000, while absentee-managed franchisee locations earn an average profit of $117K.

Clearly to maintain stability of branding and quality of product or services, it necessitates that the franchise owner has sizeable control over every one of its franchised operations. Because of this, a franchisor will construct a Franchise Operations guide that describes how the franchise business should be administered. The benefit is that as a franchise business proprietor you’ll collect the power and weight of established branding and the shopper confidence that you’re part of a much bigger organization. Another key advantage is that you can be running a business system which has already been proven to be successful. So, by replicating the techniques which have previously been validated you ought to start a business that mirrors the success of any other franchised outlets presently in business.

One could opt for any job, in marketing, human resources, food technology, customer relations or even business and finance management. There are courses offered by various hospitality management institutions in each of the given fields, but a person from the business arena could also fit in with management skills. The duration of courses vary from 2-4 years including the area of specialization. Some colleges also offer hand-on experience, as well as an internship. Besides this, some restaurants have their own training services. In this way, employees learn around the clock and excel as time passes.

The official Bureau of Labor Statistics turnover rate for the restaurant sector was 81.9% for the 2015-2017 period, but industry estimates are over 150%, and as most restaurant owners know, the problem had only been getting worse, even pre-COVID-19. As the #MeToo movement hit the industry in 2018, there’s no more that’s just how it is” in response to harassment and lack of benefits for workers. From high profile restaurant empires to small town dining establishments, tolerance has decreased and expectations are higher than ever for workplace culture in restaurants.

Although, our success has been largely due to our delicious chicken and ribs, we’re also proud of being the only restaurant chain to offer you the Grand saladier with a multitude of choices. Offering our guests a great experience, excellent value and impeccable service is our priority: our reputation has been built.

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