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When you have made the decision to start your own coffee shop business and you have already done all your research, you now need to decide what coffee franchise you want to go with. Once your customers have your app installed on their phone, you can not only track their behavior over time, but can also gain access to their location, contacts and other information. This can enable you to aptly predict when they are most likely to require your services. So, just be present when they need you the most.

This approach can be represented throughout a restaurant. From initiating digital ordering and payment to minimizing the number of shared surfaces and objects, contactless represents a new way of keeping employees and guests safe, while also providing exceptional service.

This case indicates that the Franchise Company had always known about the weaknesses in it’s menu. The fact that it was hurting their franchisees did not seem to bother the Company. Why should it? They let GEC’s client pay for the marketing research and development of the new recipes. After restricting the franchisee’s ability to use these new menu items successfully, they simply went in, picked up the pieces, and then did all the things they wouldn’t let him do. The outcome was extremely profitable for the franchiser.

Friendly’s requires the successful completion of an Owner’s Orientation as well as a training program for the management team. A Friendly’s opening team will be sent to assist the franchisee with the opening and initial operation of the restaurant. The Friendly’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) sets forth training and opening services provided.

With restaurant traffic hit, online and mobile commerce is increasingly at play. Digital restaurant orders are surging by the day and as per a study by The NPD group, it had touched 63 percent and delivery by 67 percent, with quick-serves accounting for a big chunk of this growth. The global market size in restaurant tech has been pegged around $12 billion, a number only said to grow as brands invest in providing engaging digital experiences from ordering to promotions and delivery.

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