How You Can Support India’s Restaurant Industry

For people considering buying a restaurant franchise there are a wide range of opportunities. Skyline’s secret-recipe chili is cooked daily at our commissary to maintain a high level of quality. The commissary, which is centrally located just outside Cincinnati, produces the chili and packages it so that it only needs to be reheated at each restaurant unit. This heat and serve” method helps our restaurants achieve consistent quality and keeps food preparation simple. We constantly strive to find ways to keep our restaurant operation streamlined.

Of those who said their employer plans to allow more people to work from home, 53 per cent said they intend to do it permanently. Additionally, a whopping 70 per cent of those who said they plan to telecommute permanently also anticipate they will spend less time and money at restaurants.

One study found that in 2017, the total spent in UK restaurants could well top the £54 billion mark. This will come from 11.5 billion visits to out-of-home eating venues. Do you dream of being your own boss in a restaurant business? You follow in the footsteps of many famous names and entrepreneurs who now own multiple venues across the UK.

Celebrity chefs were early in sounding the alarm about the crisis and quickly jumped into action. David Chang, chef and owner of the Momofuku empire , warned reporters back in March that the pandemic could destroy the restaurant industry for good. Chef and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio marshalled together the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a lobbying operation as professional as any on Capitol Hill, to advocate on behalf of chef owner-operators. After Congress passed its first emergency relief package in late March—and the small business loans immediately ran dry—IRC members demanded a $100 billion restaurant stabilization fund uniquely tailored to their industry. Without serious government intervention, Colicchio imagines that half of restaurants will close for good.

Although no official data yet exists on the number of green restaurant franchises, the green market is definitely growing, according to the International Franchise Association, the industry’s largest trade group. The association has seen an increase in inquiries about green restaurant franchises, as well as a bigger presence at trade events. The green phenomenon has been seen across the board, which is to say that existing franchises are becoming greener and also that new franchises are starting up who are basing their whole concept on being environmentally conscious. Although the green concept has been with us for at least 25 years, it is only in recent years that this trend has become mainstream.

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