Fido Merchant Services Going Carbon Neutral

The leading payments provider Fido Merchant Services, which is based in York UK, is going carbon neutral. The article below will give you more details concerning the topic.

Fido Merchant Services for Being Carbon Neutral

This online payment company offers cutting-edge services, including solutions that can help its clients fight fraud, such as 3DS and transaction monitoring. Moreover, fighting climate issues has always been a priority for Fido. Now, the company is focused on reaching its goals concerning sustainable development by the end of the next year. This means Fido will become 100% carbon neutral.

Fido will cancel any potential environmental impact. How will the company do this? Well, it’s going to plant trees to eliminate every gram of CO2 that it produces. What’s more, the company will apply eco-friendly measures in its offices worldwide.

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Fido Expanding to the US

The UK-based payment-gateway and online merchant-account provider Fido is expanding to the US. This means its clients can expect more from the company.

Today, the industry is changing fast and too often, thus making competitive rates, development of new products, innovative technology integration more and more important. Fido is likely to offer cost-effective solutions for its clients. Also, the company will become a leader in the online payments field.

Fido uses transaction monitoring, 3DS, and enhanced functionality. It offers payment processing for more than 190 currencies. So, Fido has taken the best offered by the industry and enabled everyone to access it at a competitive price.

To sum up, payment specialist Fido Merchant Services has decided to become totally carbon neutral. The company aims to become one of the 1st payment gateways featuring a net zero-carbon footprint.

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