The Pros And Cons Of Running A Franchise Restaurant

For any restaurant, point of sale technology is important. Restaurants are the last bastion of urban manufacturing and, as such, create a massive number of jobs. The industry currently employs 10% of the entire US workforce and this number continues to rise. The National Restaurant Association estimates that nearly 15 million people will work in the industry by 2024.

Welcome to Entrepreneur’s 41st annual Franchise 500® ranking. For more than four decades, we’ve been studying the franchise industry and honing our proprietary formula in order to bring you the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchise ranking. And with each year, the ranking becomes increasingly competitive, as more and more companies see the value of expansion through franchising and throw their hats into the ring. Our list shows just how varied the franchise world has become, offering prospective franchisees a myriad of choices, from more traditional options, like restaurants, maintenance services, and gyms to the latest trends, like ax throwing, cryotherapy, and CBD.

Tip for your restaurant: Develop a themed snack bar menu —perhaps with trending global fare—that includes local, seasonal favorites. Make sure the snacks are readily available (ideally within arms’ reach where possible) for guests and tend towards the salty (to increase appetite).

The POS systems control various activities in the restaurant. It is necessary to manage them very efficiently and properly. Even small retail stores and fast food joints have now installed these systems for efficient management of the point of sale. This has made it possible for them to compete with big organizations also.

Much of the conversation in food media these days centers on the soldierly brigade system on which restaurant hierarchies have long been established and perpetuated; it’s a system that enables abuse from high-up-the-command-chain chefs who yell and belittle and harass their way through the nightly pressure cooker of kitchen life. Servers rely on tipping, a wage system rooted in racism that also encourages sexism and mistreatment.

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